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Reviews of the CBD Balm

Reviews of the CBD Balm


In this post we are going to explore the many customers who have left us CBD reviews and find themes to help understand who CBD is for and how it helps. AND we will discuss the recent certificate of analysis that proves the concentration of CBD and shows the presence of CBDa & CBGa.

When combing through the reviews for this product a few themes emerged.

  1. People who are recovering from injury or surgery and use this CBD to help reduce inflammation and therefore pain for a quicker injury recovery.

  2. People who use the CBD for chronic inflammation pain such as arthritis, neuropathy, tendonitis, and neck pain often from years of working tough jobs or service to their country. (thank you!)

  3. Athletes such as golfers, football players, and runners who use CBD after sports.

  4. People who use CBD on their sore achy legs after long days working on their feet.

I must say it is so fulfilling to read through all of the reviews and be reminded that we are helping in our small way! We may not be helping as first responders or essential workers but we are supporting those who are when they find themselves in discomfort and that makes us proud! Of course I wish they didn’t have to find themselves in pain in the first place but if thats not possible than at least we can make something that helps.

First up in the who’s who of CBD usage drum roll please…… Nurses! Here’s a recent review from our dear customer Patricia:

"Patricia Crain 5 Stars “I'm a nurse so I spend alot of time on my feet. Your full spectrum CBD balm has been the best thing I've ever used to stop my feet from hurting.”

Nursing work is physically demanding, nurses often work 12 hour shifts on their feet lifting and turning patients.. I know a few nurses who have chronic back pain and swear by our CBD balm for help. If you’re looking for a pain relief cream to help your achy back you may be interested in our CBD pain relief stick HERE

I’m picking up on a theme here already, both Mike and Patricia work on their feet all day resulting in foot pain. Other reviews have mentioned relief of planter fasciitis and sprained ankles when using CBD to massage feet usually in the evening before going to bed.

I’ve worked on my feet all day and I remember how stiff and painful it could be by the end. According to using a little CBD cream on the bottom of feet does help relieve pain and ease swollen joints especially when you pair it with a gentle foot massage. Here is a really well written article with 7 smart ways to care for your legs and feet if you stand all day.



Total Knee replacement surgery is major and can be really painful. Typically post operative pain control involves opioids which come with a host of side effects and the potential for addiction. There is currently a study to investigate wether adding CBD treatment will decrease the amount of opiates needed the 1st 2 weeks after surgery. The study is called COPE (Cannabinoids to Obviate Pain Experiment after knee replacement) you can read about it HERE

I love knowing that our full spectrum CBD balm could potentially reduce dependance on opiates. As a family medicine physician my husband treats many patients who are opioid dependent, trying to help them reduce dependence is a daily uphill battle. When the CBD balm he formulated can help its a glimmer of hope in a tough day.

Its true! You may be able to reduce the signs and symptoms of arthritis by using CBD topically. According to a recent study 42 percent of Baby Boomers already use CBD many for the most common type of arthritis which is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes cartilage to deteriorate which can lead to pain and joint damage. Because it takes time for cartilage to deteriorate, this condition typically affects the elderly more.

Harvard Health recommends that CBD should be one part of an overall pain management plan that includes nonmedication options (such as exercise) you can read more about their recommendations here

That’s it for todays peek into WHO is using our full spectrum CBD Balm and what they are using it for. I hope it was helpful in understanding the many potential applications of this useful little balm. I’m listing it below for your convenience.


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