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Room Spray

Heavenly Scented Room Spray for Every Space

This selection of room sprays is handmade with essential oils to refresh every room of your home.  They smell amazing, are beautifully packaged and really work. Perfect for the bathroom, freshening linens, the living room or the home office, these sprays can bring some natural freshness to your home scents routine.


Room Spray in Many Forms

Our room sprays are available in a variety of lovely scents. The Lemon Rosewood blend offers an uplifting aroma to energize a room, while Lavender room spray with Bergamot provides a calming combination, perfect for winding down. For a refreshing scent, try White Thyme and Eucalyptus, or enjoy the harmonious Wellness Blend. Bergamot Grapefruit delivers a zesty fragrance, and Pumpkin Spice brings a warm, cozy feel, perfect for any season. Get a restful night's sleep with the Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist. 

Handmade, Natural Room Spray

You will love these room sprays! They are handmade, using only the finest natural essential oils. Every product is produced in small batches. By doing this, we make sure the quality stays consistent. Our room sprays are made to offer powerful, lasting freshness. Need to freshen up the bathroom? Problem solved! Add a calming scent to your nightstand, or refresh your living room. Every non toxic room spray delivers beautiful fragrances, safe for everyone in your home.

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