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Potty Spray

Perfect Potty Spray for Freshness and Fun

Discover the natural solution for bathroom freshness with our humorous and effective Potty Sprays. These potty deodorizers, including Poopermint Potty Spray, Shmells Like Shitrus, Shit in the Woods, and Let That Shit Go, offer natural options to refresh your toilet and bathroom. Every one is handmade, with added essential oils, offering an effective way to keep your bathroom smelling great.


Explore Our Collection of Potty Sprays

Our selection of Essential oil Potty Sprays includes several fresh options. Poopermint Potty Spray (peppermint scent) is available in both a 1 oz amber bottle and a 2 oz clear bottle. Shmells Like Shitrus is a combination of sweet orange and bergamot essential oils. Shit in the Woods features Pine Scotch essential oil, bringing the fresh forest scent to your bathroom. Let That Shit Go has the lavender and lavandin fragrance

These Potty Sprays are handmade, using natural ingredients. Each toilet deodorizer is designed to provide an effective way to maintain a fresh-smelling bathroom. The unique fragrances deodorize, adding a touch of humor to your daily routine.

Experience Freshness and Fun with Potty Spray

Get yourself or someone with a sense of humor these effective Potty Sprays. You’ll enjoy a pleasant, effective way of keeping your bathroom smelling great. Treat yourself or a loved one to these fun and functional Potty Sprays. They’re handmade with care,  designed to bring a smile to your face.

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