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Soap Sets

Soap Sets for Everyone

We hope you will try our handmade soap sets, made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils. These sets are perfect as gifts or to treat yourself to some high quality aromatherapy. Each hand soap set has its own unique essential oil scent blend, like our most popular relaxing Lavender Lemongrass or the earthy herbal Tangerine Basil.


Handmade and Natural Soap Sets

Our soaps are handmade with care. We only use the finest natural ingredients. Essential oils provide captivating fragrances while being gentle on your skin. Enjoy the calming scent of Hibiscus Rose Geranium. Or, try the refreshing aroma of Tea Tree Lime.

These soap sets feature diverse scents, and we’re sure you’ll find ones that you’ll love! Experience the floral notes of Hibiscus Rose Geranium. Try the refreshing Peppermint Poppy. Get back to nature with the earthy Patchouli Lime. Each bar is made with cold processed coconut and olive oil base.

Sustainable Soap Sets

We are working to improve sustainability. With that in mind we make our soaps with eco-friendly ingredients by hand the old fashioned way. These all-natural recipes result in soap that will is gentle on your skin. These are free from harsh chemicals and perfect for all skin types.

As a wonderful gift for any occasion, these soap gift sets are beautifully wrapped and available gift boxed. They make an ideal gift for anyone, including yourself. Treat someone special to the self care of our natural soap sets.

Discover Your Favorite Soap Set

With an ever growing variety of scents to choose from, our soap sets allow you to find your perfect match. Maybe you prefer the classic combination of Lavender Lemongrass? Perhaps the unique blend of Oatmeal Lavender Sage? There’s something for everyone.

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