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Little Cutie Baby Shower

Handmade Baby Shower Favors

Celebrate the arrival of a little one with this Little Cutie Baby Shower product lineup. Uniquely crafted baby shower favors, each handmade from natural ingredients. These are the perfect guest gift to pamper and soothe. These baby shower favor ideas include tangerine soap, clementine lip balm, and a clementine-scented candle, each with the sweet scent of fresh citrus and in a gorgeous orange themed package. All gentle and safe for every skin type.

A Little Cutie Baby Shower Favors Products

This tangerine soap is a pure delight. Handmade with essential oils, it is cleansing and hydrating, nourishing the skin. The soap leaves behind a light citrus fragrance that will energize and uplift. 

Clementine lip balm is made from the best ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, with added vitamin E, and zinc that acts as a natural sunblock, to name a few. This balm helps lips stay soft with a subtle scent, making it a favorite for baby shower present ideas. The unique oval shape makes it easy to carry in a pocket.

Made from soy wax, which is biodegradable, our candle with a delicious clementine scent provides a clean, lasting burn, setting a relaxing ambiance every time. 

Little Cutie Baby Shower Exclusive Gift Set

Looking for the ultimate favor? Baby shower presents for your guests can arrive ready to give in this adorable gift set. The set includes a tangerine soap, clementine lip balm, and clementine-scented candle in one charming package. Beautifully presented in a drawstring bag, it is a memorable token of appreciation that will be enjoyed by guests well beyond the baby shower.

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