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Massage Candle

Transform your massage experience with these amazing Massage Candles. They are handmade to offer help you feel the tension melting away . These natural candles are designed to melt into warm oils and butters, ideal for a calming massage session.

Massage candles make a romantic gift for husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Burn the candle for 10-15 minutes than pour the melted wax into your hand and use as you would a massage oil.

Captivating Massage Candles Scents for Every Mood

Feel the enchanting fragrances of our Massage Oil Candles available in captivating scents. Black pepper rose, for a romantic night in with your loved one. Menthol eucalyptus, for a therapeutic massage to ease the muscle tension. Lavender chamomile, for softening the skin and relaxation. And, vetiver with cardamom, black pepper and vanilla, for serenity and peace. 

Hand-Poured Massage Candles with Natural Ingredients

Our Massage Candles are hand poured. They contain soy wax with other natural ingredients, like butters and essential oils. Without synthetic additives, these candles ensure a pure, gentle massage. The melted oils and butters from these candles provide nourishment, leaving your skin replenished.

Transform Your Massage Ritual with Massage Candles

Enjoy the transformative power of our Massage Candles! As the candle melts, the oils and butters are released. They create a warm, aromatic blend, perfect for massaging tired muscles and promoting full relaxation. Get the therapeutic benefits of all natural candles, and the soothing scents they provide.

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