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Rescue Balms

 The Perfect Rescue Balms for Relief and Calm

We are proud to offer these effective Rescue Balms, made for relieving discomfort and pain, addressing extreeme dry skin and lips too. Our rescue balms include Skin Rescue Balm for deeply moisturizing the skin, CBD salve and balms for chronic and inflammatory pain relief, balms for growing pregnancy tummies, and so much more. Each of these products is handmade, to relieve pain and calm the skin and ease muscles. 


Handmade with Care

Get yourself effective muscle balms from our collection. They are all-natural, perfect for sore muscles, with many healing ingredients. For breastfeeding moms, our nipple rescue balms provide much-needed relief. Many of these products are available in gift sets, making them perfect for special occasions.

Our rescue balms are handmade with care and devotion. We use natural ingredients and essential oils in all our products. They are designed to provide true relief and calming effects, ensuring your skin and muscles are well cared for.

Effective and Soothing Rescue Balms

Whether you need pain relief, skin nourishment, or muscle relaxation, our balms offer powerful benefits. Explore the Rescue Balm collection and get the relief and calm you desire. You may even order them in gift sets for those you care for. 

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