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Body Scrub

Luxurious Natural Body Scrub

This collection of natural, handmade body scrubs is made to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Each exfoliating body scrub comes together with a wooden spoon, for scooping out just the right amount. This collection includes sugar body and lip scrubs as well as other gentle exfoliants like natural sisal wash cloths, dry brushes, loofas, and pumice stones.  


Handmade Sugar Lip and Body Scrub

Every sugar body scrub is made by hand. We use essential oils and other natural ingredients. That way, you can be sure you’re getting a gentle, yet effective exfoliation. Choose one from the amazing scents like Citrus Mint or Lavender Bergamot. There is also Mango or Vanilla Mint. These scrubs leave your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. Our lip scrubs offer the same quality care. They gently exfoliate lips for a kissable feel.

Body Scrub with Natural Accessories

Make your exfoliation routine more enjoyable. Our natural sisal cloths are great for a gentle but thorough scrub. Baby hair brushes and nail brushes will come in handy to your or your baby’s care routine. Get our natural body scrub, and provide your skin the care it will welcome. Feel the benefits of essential oils combined with natural ingredients in every product.

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