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Hand Sanitizer

Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer Spray

Experience the fresh scent and germ protection of essential oils infused in our hand sanitizers. Choose from scents like Peppermint Eucalyptus, White Thyme & Rosemary, Orange Clove, and Noble Fir. Or, choose our lavender hand sanitizer with a bright citrus accent. Enjoy a delightful, aromatic hand sanitizing experience. Formulas are based on USP guidelines and contain anti-viral essential oils and 80% alcohol for serious germ protection.

Convenient Sizes of Hand Sanitizer for On-the-Go

Every scented hand sanitizer is available in lovely packages of 2oz, 4oz, and 1 quart refillable bottles. This makes them perfect for personal use, travel, or refilling larger dispensers. Whether you need a compact size to fit in your purse or pocket, or a bulk option for continuous protection, we have you covered.

Effective Hand Sanitizer Formula for Clean Hands

Our hand sanitizer spray recipe is carefully formulated. It has Ethyl Alcohol, Peroxide, Glycerine, and Distilled water, meeting the USP guidelines for both safety and efficacy. With an 80% final concentration of alcohol, these scented hand sanitizers efficiently eliminate germs, while being gentle on your skin.

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