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Behind the Scenes : Making Candles in our Sunlit Studio

Behind the Scenes : Making Candles in our Sunlit Studio

Ever since we moved into our newly renovated barn studio work has felt more doable.  This bright sunlit space inspires creativity including a new candle scent released just this week (Balance & Uplift) and a new soap too (Hibiscus Rose Geranium) 

In the background of this photo you can see our candle making jugs hanging in a neat row on reclaimed wood slabs that have been fitted with railroad ties to make giant candle jug hangers (thanks Brennen Patel!)  I'm pouring at Tammy's workstation which is made up of a giant custom essential oil wall built for us by Thomason Brothers Carpentry of Ypsilanti, Michigan.



I'm a sucker for some natural light which is what sold me on this 2 story barn with no less than 14 big windows upstairs alone (where the magic happens) We almost never have to flip on the lights except at night.  

Its so nice that the barn is at the top of the hill and from up in our shop we can see acres of protected woods our house and barn back up the the Waterloo and Pinckney State Rec protected land.  

The finished product is our Newest Candle perfect for headache or stress relief mmmmm love it!

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